1500 leads in three months only

An interesting story about a marketing funnel:

Last week I sat down with a business owner and showed her how she could double and triple her income within a month.

The thing is, she could easily do it all along.

So why didn’t it happen?

Because she didn’t do income planning.

All the data was kept in her head, and this is one of the biggest mistakes one can make.

All I did was build her an uncomplicated Excel table, which would allow her to see the “roadmap” and show her how to fill out her diary correctly – in the direction of doubling and even tripling her income.

Then push her to post more. much more.

In her case, the advertising can be completely free, using the social network and the connections she has built over the years.


And why am I sharing her story with you?

Because in most cases I meet, this is the story that repeats itself.

Or the business owner doesn’t know what the right income is for him…

…or he knows but does not do what is required to produce it.

It is not difficult to do income planning and it is not difficult to find marketing solutions.


The real game is increasing revenue.

How much do you think it costs to get 1,500 leads in 3 months?

In this case the cost was 10 NIS per lead only.

True, some of them were not high quality or accurate to what our client wanted in the ideal image – but they are all relevant.

For the purpose of the calculation, let’s increase the cost of a quality lead to NIS 30…

And even at 40 NIS for a quality lead – still an average deal covers this cost and not only returns the investment but even generates a profit.

Because these are leads that can generate repeated transactions over time

And this is a true marketing funnel: masses of leads at a reasonable price, which generate repeat business and some of them become golden customers over time.


If you’ve read this far and you’re interested in hearing how it can work in your business and your budgets, I’d be happy to help.

Racheli neta, 052-6848604


המאמר נכתב על-ידי רחלי נטע, מייסדת ושותפה בחברת השיווק הדיגיטלי ‘שוקו מרקטינג’, מומחית שיווק משנת 1995 ויועצת עסקית. לאורך הקריירה עבדתי עם מאות עסקים מכל הסקטורים והגדלים, המשימה שלי היא לעזור לעסקים להתרחב באמצעות אסטרטגיות שיווק דיגיטלי מותאמות עבורם.

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