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A Digital Marketing Agency - Shoco Marketing

Expert marketers in a digital world

Hi there!

We are Shoco Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency and our greatest joy is to see our customers succeed. After years of extensive hands on experience in marketing and specializing in marketing consultation, our passion is getting out clients to grow their business.

How can we help you?

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get your free consultation now

The Secrete to Successful Websites and Landing Pages

Our websites, online stores and landing pages are designed to be fully responsive and strictly adhere to Google guidelines, which is the reason why Google promote them organically fast.

They are also tailor-made to stand out in your market, following a personalized customization. We take the time to study your market, your competitors and client needs and take it all in account, based on our marketing strategy expertise.

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The Key to Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

The key to successful marketing campaigns is to expose your business solutions wherever your clients are looking for them. Appearing in the top ratings on Google is crucial for sales but there is more to it: the promotion must be tailored to your audience for the campaign to be successful on the Internet. We promote our clients on Google, Youtube, Facebook etc. Using our extensive marketing consulting expertise, we will create the best marketing campaign for you, to get new clients in.

Full Service: Building Your New Website

When we build your new website or landing page, we provide you with a full package. You will receive:

  1. An interview to get to know you and your viewpoint, to clarify the marketing strategy, the company’s differentiation, work out the main points that should be highlighted and more.
  2. Now we will create a website requirements specification, containing the layout, general design and features of the new website.
  3. following your approval of the specification we start production, knowing you will be fully satisfied with the final product.

Personalized Promotion: SEO, PPC or Something Else?

We treat each customer differently, understanding that each one is unique. The business circumstances are always different and thus the strategy must be tailored to you. You will receive:

  1. an interview to understand the needs of your company and the current marketing strategy, if needed we will suggest a better strategy for digital marketing, we will define the promotion budget with you and more.
  2. Next, we go into key words research and competitors evaluation, and give you a preliminary program. It is preliminary because digital marketing is a dynamic process that may change according to opportunities that present themselves.
  3. Once the campaigns are turned on, we work to get the best exposure and reduce costs. We also work with you on the quality of leads and push to improve them constantly.

Why work with us?

You get serviced by a specialist in marketing consulting.

You are provided with personalized services, to address the things that are important to you.

You get a full service under one roof.

We are troubleshooters, we will do everything to find the solutions to digital marketing problems you may have.

Contact us now: +972-52-6848603/4

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